How to get data from Excel Sheets and use it to compile a web page

Hello to all
I am quite new to UiPath, and, I state that I am very scarce, and I have not yet completed the certification.
Actually, I’m practically at the beginning.
Despite this, in my office they still want to try to make some “simple” scripts to begin with.

I currently have this problem.
Manage meeting room reservations, from a web panel.

Starting from an excel file that will probably come via email, the bot should take the data, and set the details of the meeting.
The details collected by excel can be used to compose the panel link.

From excel i get:
Location: sheet 'Booking" cell A2
Date: B2 (the booking date, “dd/MM/yyyy”)
Start: C2 (Starting time, “hh:mm”)
Ends: D2 (Ends time: “hh:mm”)
Participants: E2 (number of partecipants)
Objet: F2 (Subject of the meeting)
Message G2 (Text Message…)

And, the data that will have to “spin” in a loop, I think:
the room of the number.
The number of rooms is a list of about 40 rooms, indicated with a certain order, in the second sheet 'Rooms ".

the bot what to do …
must try to book the first free room, then, if the room is occupied, it must search in the next room, reading in sequential order, as required by the second Sheet room number.

" …/prenotazione-sale/prenota/sala?data_from=“+dtDate.ToString+”&time_from=“+dtStart.ToString+”&sala=MINEXXT**“+dtRooms.ToString+”&time_to=“+dtEnds.ToString+”&sala=MINEXXT"+dtRooms.ToString**



At the moment, this stream compiles the web string, varying the number of rooms, but does not write “dates” and the start and end times.

There would then be two other situations to manage.

  • hypothesize that on sheet 1, (Booking), there are + room to book, or for the same date, or for
    different dates.
    That is, if I know I have a meeting schedule, I can compile the file so that in the Booking sheet there
    are more days to search for the room.
    The sequence of the rooms remains the same. Frim cell A2 (sheet Rooms) to Cell A44 (sheet
  • Manage the capacity of the room, based on the number of participants.
    But this, perhaps it is better to see it later.
    I still don’t know how to organize it.

Can anyone help me?
I already had a big help from a member of the forum,
but I’m about to become a stalker given the number of messages I sent him… :slight_smile: Plsss…

003 - Booking a (39,7 KB)