How to get data from a text file and put it in a column A1,A2,A3,...,An

I have a text file with text split into multiple lines. I want to put data from a text file into Excel with lines in columns as A1,A2,A3,…,An by when adding a new text file text from new file will add the next line after An .


Read the text file into a string str and then use geenrate datatable activity

if you want data as columns then use column separator as Environment.Newline

if you need then as rows then use row separator as Environment.NewLine



Build datatable with empty having no rows and columns.

Read the text file and extract the results using regex using Find matching activity.

Take for each loop

Add datacolumn: in column name property Give the currentItem

Enable auto increment in the properties panel

I hope this will help you

Hi @Famui_Yanisa

Read the text file activity and store it in variable and use the generate data table activity and by giving the required fields you can generate the data table and use the append range activity and send the data into the excel.