How to get data from a Smartsheet row?


I use forms that collect data and insert the data as rows in Smartsheet. I’ve seen that there are ways to get data from google sheets and excel rows into UI Path. Any pointers for getting data from Smartsheet?

Thank you,


Hey Marc,

I have been working on a bot that will interact with a SmartSheet in this way:

  • open SmartSheet in a browser
  • authenticate
  • loop through each row checking for a URL (by using hotkeys to navigate - arrow key navigation)
  • if a URL contains a string for our time tracking application, then the URL will open in a new browser and a screenshot is taken. I still need to finish this so that it will drag and drop the screenshot into the proper SmartSheet row

I initially tried a couple of other approaches to navigate through the SmartSheet without any success:

  • select the entire table within SmartSheet by using SmartSheet hotkeys
  • use click events to loop through row selections by using target selector with a variable (inconsistently worked due to selectors format seemed to change after a certain row)

Let me know where you seem to be getting stuck at and maybe I can provide additional suggestions.


Can you share the xaml file for the above action.