How to get data from a grid in desktop applications

Hi Team,

I am working with a desktop application built on centura 4.0 and trying to scrape data from the data grid present in the application.
Following are the challenges am facing:

While using Data scrapping activity, the control is not allowed to perform any action.
Error is attached below,

Screen scrapping do only visible text and cant able to get the complete text in the grid where it has a scroll option towards right and the way it scraps is not structured properly in a Excel/CSV format.

other techniques like get text, get attribute, get element etc. are not encouraging.

Please provide a possible solution for me to get out of this.


@Manchikanti_Abhinay Did you find any solution for this issue ??

I am also stuck with this similar issue where I am trying to scrap the data from GRID data in Desktop application but none of the scraping methods is working correctly.

Thank you in advance .