How to Get Changed File Path After The File Change Trigger Runs

Hi everyone,

I want to obtain the changed file path after the file change trigger runs and add the file path to my queue.

I could find a way to display the info with args.EventInfo but I couldn’t find a way to extract “full path” part.(You can see in the picture)

Can you please help me?

Thanks in advance


Have a View on this thread

Cheers @ozgesdvc

I have seen this topic but I couldn’t adapt it to my case. Can you please explain in detail ? What should I write in FileChangeTriggerArgs part and how should i extract the full path part?

Thanks in advance

Instead of this mention like this to get the full path



Thanks. How can I assign the path to the variable ?

Okey I fixed it.

First, I wrote “fileSystemEvents” in FileChangeTriggerArgs field and then I created FilePath(string) variable. And I wrote an expression as you can see in capture2.

So I can get full path of file that changed in folder as a variable.



We can assign in the this way as well.
Main.xaml (6.9 KB)

Cheers @ozgesdvc

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