How to get cell position of an excel

Hi, if I have an excel sheet like below and have already read range and saved as datatable.
May I ask how can i get the cell position of that empty cell in Column “Address”?

Name Age Address
Ann 12 (empty)
Cynthia 15 USA

I want it in the format of “C3” because the plan is to use a write cell later on to fill in that cell.

is the empty cell always going to be on the C column?

@Tiberiu_Niculescu It will always be in Column “Address” . I’m working on someone’s request, IF it will always be in column C, how will you approach it?

considering that only one cell is going to be empty, you could go through all of the datatable contents using a for each row and if row(2) is nothing then assign to an int variable, myInt = datatable.rows.indexof(row) and that will be the index of the row which has an empty cell on the column C

if there will be multiple empty cells, you should consider using a list