How to get attachment list without reading any comment on the attachment as a row

Hi I have a process that gets attachment list in an email, but what the process does is it gets the attachments and also reads any comment with any of the attachment as empty so how can I get it to just get the attachment and not read the comment ?

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did we try with SAVE ATTACHMENT activity where we need to pass the mailmessage variable and the folder path where we want to save that attachment
or to get only the attachment name
inside the FOR EACH LOOP with mailmessage list variable as input use another FOR EACH loop and pass this as input item.Attachments and change the type argument as System.Net.Mails.Attachment and change the variable name from item to mail

and inside that loop use a write line activity and mention like this

Cheers @Joe.Osifo


Thanks for your response, problem solved I had to use the filter data table wizard to get rid of the empty row in the data table

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