How to get as the list

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Is there any ways to read the text and store as the list?
The thing I wanna to do is to get the status of the specific service, how can I do that?

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@lyjun550 You don’t need to go for data scrapping, you can get a datatable or dictionary of available services and their status by using Get Services

Sequence6.xaml (7.8 KB)

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I get the different result

I don’t really know about the services.
Can you please show me more?

@lyjun550 Can you try with the workflow which I had shared in the last post? because I am able to get all the services.

i only get this

oh sorry, I will to use to remote desktop, is this workflow works on remote desktop?

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@lyjun550 Run it in debug mode and set a breakpoint in message box activity, in the left side variable panel you can check all the services either in datatable or dictionary. In message box I just put the value of first service :grin::+1:

OK, Works.
If i do it in remote desktop?
Can be work?

Hi @lyjun550,

Check this. here is any an activity to get the list of service and also can take the status of the windows service.

Thank you

if i use it in remote desktop?

@lyjun550 yes it should work.

HI Balu,

I want to go to respective services, need to change the properties.
Could you please help me on the same.