How to get application window size

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I am using “Move Window” activity to move an application window to specific location, but some times it does not move window(happens rarely). Is there any way to get the current height and width of a window, so i can verify if “Move Window” activity worked fine or not. Thanks!

Hi @PardeepMittal,

Use the below code to get screen size

var width = System.Windows.SystemParameters.PrimaryScreenWidth.ToString
var height = System.Windows.SystemParameters.PrimaryScreenHeight.ToString

Hi @aanandsanraj I do not need screenwidth/height. I want to find height/width of an application window, which i am opening and resizing using uipath’s “Move Window” activity.

hi @PardeepMittal,
Hope all is good with you, you can use get position activity to get a data you need such as ( Height, Width, Top, Left, Right, Bottom, X,Y etc… ).

let me know if it helps you :slight_smile:


Thanks :)!

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