How to get API key for Enterprise edition



How to get API key for enterprise version I am trying to extract data using form extract tool. Or any other solution without using API key?
Please support.


If you are the admin then go to admin panel and other services and document understanding…

If not ask you admin to provide


Hi @Anil_G

I am unable to find out the other  services, my orchestrator is not cloude basis, the URL is belongs to my organization

HI @ananthitamilmani

With out API Key its not possible run in Document Understanding ,if need API Key
1.Go Orchestrator > click on admin

2.after clicking on admin > click on Licenses

  1. after clicking Licenses > click on Robot & Services

4.after click on Robot & Services > you can Document Understanding

copy from there

HI @ananthitamilmani

if you are having the access to the admin you can follow above steps which i mention

if not you can ask to admin who as access to it

Hi @Praveen_Mudhiraj

My orchestrator is not cloude basis, the URL is belongs to my organization

You don’t have access to orchestrator ?


I am the Admin but my orchestrator options are looks like attached screenshot

then you can see the admin like this


if you wont find admin ask to your team they will provide the API key or ask them access t o admin

I can able to see this option in my community version

HI @ananthitamilmani

So if you cant see the admin in enterprise i think you don’t have the access to admin…

ask to your team or ask to provide the admin access


Ok i will check with my team,thank you for your support

yeah sure then and close this loop

Cheers !



Please go to admin panel as mentioned above

Then you would see that…but for form extractor there is a need for cloud also I believe…check the below link

If your is air gapped then you can find it


You can find the all the details of navigation here

Hope this helps