How to Get already opened Excel #2

Hi Expert,

Does anybody know how to read range from a Excel file whose window has already opened? I’ve read the same topic here: How to Get already opened Excel but it doesn’t teach me how to do it…

In my case, there is 3 step to do.

  1. Open Excel file from web page, that must not be saved to local.
  2. Change some part based on Excel information, and use a Macro in the Excel.
  3. Close that Excel.

In step 2, I need get Excel information to change some part of it but I cannot get data from Excel unless by using non-Excel application scope activity, it bit tough work… If anybody know how to read Excel file information that is not saved in local, please let me know.

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Attach Window to Excel, Send Hotkey Alt + F2 which pops-up the Save As dialog, type a path, to a temporary location (Get current directory, etc), Excel Application Scope, clean up the file. etc.

Hello experts, I am having the same issue…
Need to read cells in an open excel file.
Excel File is opened as a result of another process.
This bot cannot save as it does not know the password.
Basically, it just needs to read 4 cells from the open excel file and pass it onto an array. Get Text returns the entire file…
Can someone please help with how to extract just 4 random cells?

hi @Preetith,
i just wonder if you have got it fixed ? any solution for it ?

Thank you

yes , I fixed it by :

  1. Saving the password in an Assets file
  2. Opening the excel in Excel Application scope
  3. Reading cells to extract values

*Has to convince the customer to save the password in the assets file…

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