How to get all reply emails from a particular subject line?


This is my usecase: I want to extract all replies in Outlook for a specific email.

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Use any get mail activity as per the service u have like outlook or gmail

Get the output as list_mailmessage

Pass that to a FOR EACH loop activity and use a IF condition like this inside the FOR EACH loop where type argument is system.Mail.Mailmessage

item.Subject.ToString.ToUpper.Contains(“RE:”) AND item.Subject.ToString.ToUpper.Contains(“INVOICE DOWNLOAD”)

Hope this helps

Cheers @NervousTuber


Use get outlook mail message with subject filter…I hope only the replied emails will have same subject…

if so filter and all will be the replies and main mail bodies


It not giving me proper output, its appending the data on every iteration

Iteration1: mail1data
Iteration2: mail2data + mail1data
iteration3: mail3data + mail2data + mail1data