How to get all document libraries within a sharepoint site?

Hi Guys,

Our requirement-
Retrieve the names of all document libraries that exist within a sharepoint site.

I couldn’t find any activity to retrieve this.

Is there anyway to retrieve list of all library names from a sharepoint site?


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@ermanoj3101 @ppr @Yoichi @jeevith @prasath17

Do you guys have any idea on this?


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47 - Since I am working on my local machine, I dont have access to any of the sharepoint sites…

if that sharepoint is accessible via explorer, have you tried directory.getfiles or anything?

Hi @prasath17,

No, its not accessible via explorer.

And even if we manage to synch that site, it has to be done library wise for which library names need to be known in advance.

And that’s the part I am trying to figure out if count and names of libraries are unknown.


Hi @radu_bucur @Diana_Mincu,

Do you guys have any suggestion to fetch.

Since we will be using your sharepoint package itself, thought it would be worthwhile to hear your views if anything like this is possible using that package :slight_smile:


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47,

We have not used this approach before, but I don’t see any loop holes in this method explained here : SharePoint Online: PowerShell to List All Document Libraries - SharePoint Diary

You can use the PnP module in PowerShell to do further processing once you get the list of libraries PnP PowerShell Overview | Microsoft Learn
This approach uses the SharePoint API calls in the background, so is quite powerful.

Performance using PowerShell within your network will be quite good if you ever have to scale the approach later.

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Another option could be the sharepoint rest api. Sometimes we can do quick rnd in browser url field after sucessfully logged in

Hi @ppr,

Are you able to list the steps needed to accomplish this as not quite aware of sharepoint rest api you mentioned. Or if any working example you have, that would be great too.


Hi @jeevith,

Thank you so much for this info.

I tried this way and it worked:)

I am yet figuring out few things on how to process it further, will get back to you if needed.


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47,

That sounds great!

We use the PnP module extensively to update SharePoint lists with robot exceptions. Cases which need to be handled by human case handlers. It has never failed us, although setting it up was not plug-and-play.

That is our preferred method for anything to do with SharePoint via Invoke PowerShell activity.

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