How to get actual calculated result instead of Zero


I am subtracting two numbers. But it gives me output as Zero if result comes like 0.0056.
I need to get actual value. can anyone please suggest.

Below is my workflow.


As you convert it to int it is not working with the decimals
give a try on Cdbl for the conversion function

thnx for reply.
Yes I tried with Cdbl and it gives output like below.


So now from above I need to take only four digits after decimal or is there another activity to achive this?
I need to get only 0.0056

give a try on: (CDbl(…) - CDbl(…).toString(“F4”)

We guess that the shown code is Prototype code otherwise you could also work directly on double datatype variables and can ommit CDbl conversions

thnx for reply,

Yes its working fine for me. just for curiosity F4 is send key?
Actually I am avoiding to use Send key in my Solution because this is Attended Solution and while running remotely in production send key not working properly.

No, F4 is about formatting with a decimal length of 4

ohhh, ok got it. thnx for quick support and wondorful help.

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