How to get Active sheet name ? .. Help

How to get active worksheet name … I have used Workbook(Variable) and I’m getting nothing in return


Have a look to the below thread :-

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Hai @ABHI_S,

You can go with VBA script:

ActiveSheet.Name, vbInformation, "Active Sheet Name"

To return the name of the worksheet name to UiPath from the Macro:

Private Function SheetNameMacro() As String
' SheetNameMacro Macro'

Dim SheetName As String
SheetName = ActiveSheet.Name, vbInformation, "Active Sheet Name"

SheetNameMacro = SheetName 
End Function

SheetNameMacro is the function name and also the return value. This value will be returned to UiPath Macro Output variable

To get all the worksheets names in a Workbook you can follow the below procedure:

You have to use “Excel Application Scope” activity O/P variable. i.e of type UiPath.Excel.WorkbookApplication.

Now you have to use the expression:

Loop through the variable holding values from the above expression. you can get all the worksheets names.

Hope this solves your query!


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We have direct activity to get the sheet name

@varunk Wow Sounds great!! Could you please provide more details about the suggested activity?

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Please find the below attachment fir your reference,


still we have to provide index in this field, we are talking about active sheet

Yes absolutely to get the sheet name you require index number

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