How to get access to form data in a trigger file?


I’m playing around with the forms package (newest version also studio 23.+) and have now setup triggers correctly.

The setup is like this:

→ Users gets form with dropdown → User makes selection → User clicks Submit → Next activity is “Run Local Triggers” → The trigger for the submit button which is in another file runs → How to get access to the form data?

I have tried with activity “Get Form Values” but this won’t work since the form isn’t open anymore.
There is also a argument by default which is called TriggerEventArgs but this stuff doesn’t seem to have the form data in it.

How to get the form values?

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Once you click submit the form is getting close, change the button from submit to Event. This will make sure the form is open!. For more details could you please share the workflow?

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Perfect that works just fine. Now I can access the form values. Thx

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