How to get a value from excel and write it to another excel

I have three Excel sheets

if in sheet1 Asin and sheet2 Asin matches then it has to pick sku1 or sku2 or whichever skus have values in sheet2 and also simultaneously pick quantity in same sheet2 that also has values and if quantity is 2 then it has insert 2 rows and if quantity is 3 or 4 it has to insert 3 or 4 rows and write the skus value and quantity value in final excel sheet3 also auto fill range other cells when doing inserting rows and also inserted excel sheet for reference also added as expected output sheet
Logic.xlsx (13.8 KB)


Use join datatable acticity

It would multiple if there are multiple matches also


Actually what i exactly require is i want to get that sku1 or sku2 or …sku12 and its skuqty1 or skuqty2…till… sku12 and get that sku and skuqty and put it in sheet3 if skuqty count is 2 then insert two rows and put those two values of sku and skuqty in g column and h column in sheet3 and autofill range remainig rows

could you please try and let me know @Anil_G