How to get a text from a specific part of the screen?

I am trying to interact with a citrix application and we can only use image clicks, find image etc no access to elements.

the usual image clicks and hot keys work so far,

look at a field and check if that field is filled or not, for example here is field with text and no textimage

i want to be able to look at that field using the image or ocr activities and tell if there is a text in that field and if there is grab that text.

since there is no elements available how can i do this? i can click things using image clicks but how to grab text from a specific area of the screen?

application look like this , but since this is citrix i am emoting in technically and no elements with the application is available .

And we dont gave Computer vision license either

Hi @Jay_Chacko ,

I think below document helps you to address your query…[Find image & Find Image Matches]
Find Image Matches (

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maybe it helps to modify the clipping region to tha box which needs to be analysed

Have a look here:

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