How to get a specific value from email body

Hi,This is my e-mail template and I want to read mail and get name,lastname,company,email and phone how can i get these ?

We have been contacted by those prospects that are in your region. Thus, the following leads have been assigned to Group :

  1. name lastname (company) Registration, company, region, email, phone

Please connect to your to get details. On each lead are two buttons on the top left corner that you should press after having contacted the lead: “I’m interested” & “I’m not interested”.
The lead will be sent to another partner if you do not contact the lead before 20 days.

Thank you

I will update you on this.


Creating a data table with the required information, extracting the information from the template and adding the information to a data table.

Sample Input:

Data Table:


XAML: (18.7 KB)

Karthik Byggari


Thank you my friend @KarthikByggari

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