How to get a specific value by comparing 1 datatable to a datarow


For a project using the REFramework, I have a TransactionItem which is of type datarow.
The row in question comes from a datatable which contains 2 columns: “ID” & “Date”.

The issue is that the ID column contains the first letter of the first name a dot and then the last name while, I’m just looking to get the Firstname. I have another excel file which contains the columns “FirstName” & “ID”.

So what I’m trying to do is to get the FirstName from the excel file for the row where the “ID” is equal to TransactionItem(“ID”).

I’ve tried a couple of things so far but nothing worked so far and I’m getting really confused any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Does the ‘ID’ column in the excel table match the same format as the datatable?

Yes, it’s exactly the same

Could/have you tried:


in an ‘If’ activity?

I have tried doing something similar, using your example is the %excelSheetVariable% the output datatable from the read excel file? (this is what I used)

And in that case I get an error message because ‘row’ is not declared.

Sorry for the delayed response.

The above snippet should be placed within a ‘For each row’ activity, that takes input from an Excel ‘Read range’ activity.

No problem, I’m grateful for the help :slight_smile:

I tried doing that before and got the error “Option strict on disallows implicit conversions from ‘object’ to ‘integer’”.

I was quite surprised by this error message as I don’t see any integer value in the flow.

Could you post a screenshot of your workflow thus far?

@LPlissart - You may need to add a method to the object. Lets say your row object (variable) is called “xRow”

Might be something like this:


This example was for a “QueueItem” variable type, but, the concept remains the same = you need to access the text “inside” the object.