How to get a particular text in Drop down

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Please give me the solution for the query

In the portal, there is a drop-down button inside customer names are there I want to click or get the particular customer name but every time those names are changed how can you get them.

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Use select item activity for this case

Thank you @nv08 is this the correct way to get the paricular name. because I don’t have any portal like that. I’m preparing for an interview it’s my doubt how to get the name in that situation

like question is
There is an excel file with customer names read the particular name and click on the particular name in drop-down but those are changed every time


Can you try Get Full Text activity? This returns all items with linebreak.


In select item activity the string value I.e name could be passed in it

i want to select the particular name

You can store the name from excel in a variable and then pass that variable to the properties of the Select activity.
But the issue with select activity is that, even with the slightest change in name the bot won’t select the correct name and will throw an error. In that case, you can use a typeinto activity by passing the name variable and then send an “enter” hotkey. Bot will type the name and select the name that matches the typed one.

Hope this helps.