How to get a license code from active connection

I want to submit a issue with Uipath but I am unable to retrieve the license code and without that I wont be able to submit.

Hi @Chand ,

First of all you should have enterprise license to report issue to uipath.

We will be not able to view the license key in the orchestrator since it is masked.

if you are enterprise user you should contact your RPA COE admin to get the license since they would have received these license file as PDF file from uipath. thanks.

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Did we try with regutil.exe get-info command

Cheers @Chand

I have tried all of these commands, but no help. The person who installed and licensed the Uipath in my system left the org so I have no data as such. I have 1 burning issue where I need help from Uipath tech team.

that person left org but I will try