How to get a error as message when the bot is start run

when the bot is start the execution process if there is an error in the process.
i want that to shown as a error message by using which activity or by which process we can figure it out.

HI @Lakshmanan_M

Can you tell use more details on the issue?

Check out the thread


HI @Gokul001

I am automating the process of scheduling the meetings and if the file name mentioned in the excel is not available in the folder the user should get an error I don’t know how to get that error using UiPath could me help me with this

I created a bot which is used to send a mail through outlook before send in the mail
I need to attach a file as pdf in that mail.
That file was taken from the local desktop in downloads
In the local the file name was search by the bot if there is no file on the particular name or the name was was typing wrongly there should comes an error message to the user.

The pdf name was taken from the excel using type into activity
sometimes we save the name wrongly in excel or the file is missed in the local desktop on the time the bot wants to shown an error message for that what activity is used.

in that image LAKSHMANAN_RESUME.pdf was typing in the file name area that name was taken from the excel. The file in the local so it will exist if there is a mistake in the name as LAKSHMANAN_CV.pdf means I need to assign a ERROR message by using a Bot.

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Hello @Lakshmanan_M

You can use Try catch activity and in the catch section you can catch the error and do the needful.

Else you can use a File exists activity and check for the file. If it is present then only attach the file.


Thank You @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

Also I had an another doubt in that mail.
I am adding a zoom meeting using add on option in outlook
In that I am setting the date and time from excel using type into on that if the date is type wrongly like older date how to check the date using activity

So the date are you getting from the excel and do you need to check whether the date is a future date?


I am getting the date and time from the excel and yes the scheduling time should be a future date and time and should show an error if it’s a past date or time
I am not sure how to show an error to the user in this scenario.
P.S I am using outlook web and not the desktop app.

Thanks for your response sir