How to get a data from one column via Scrap data from a register page

Hello everyone!

I try to scrap data from a search on page. Please, check screen of search example.
Field “Прізвище” = Шапаренко (last name)
Field “Ім’я” = Микола (name)
Field “По-батькові” = Миколайович" (father’s name)
To launch search click “Шукати” button after fields are filled in.

Search result is displayed in the bottom of the screen. The only info that I want to get is mail info from “Виконавець” (performer) column. I want to use “data scraping” tool to get info but:

  1. If I get the whole table info is saved a part of table headers
  2. In this particular example you can see 2 rows in “Виконавець” column, but usually only one result appears, so I am not sure how to get data if only 1 row is present
  3. I just started learning regex so I don’t know how to get that particular info

My goal is to get that mail data by any method.

I would appreciate any help on this issue, thanking in advance

I tried to follow your instructions in order to get the mail info. However, I’m just getting the table headers.

Siddharth, my bad, there was a mistake in “по-батькові” field. Try to type “Миколайович” instead

Hey. Try this Test.xaml (10.6 KB)

I believe the reason why data scraping wasn’t working for you earlier is because you were naming the column as Виконавец. I guess there’s some compatibility issue with UiPath when using Ukrainian.

Check this out and let me know if it solved your problem.