How to get 5 rows of data from ten thousand rows of data in excel?

Hi All,

If excel sheet has 10k rows of data, how to get 5 rows of data based id.
I have tried using read range workbook, filter DataTable, Write Range Workbook activities. But It’s not filtering anything. i.e. it is not writing the new data to excel.


Can someone please help with the logic.
Thanks in Advance:-)


How about to use LINQ where method with Assign instead of FilterDataTable activity?

empDT = empDt.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(r) r("Empid").ToString().Contains("2") AndAlso r("Empid").ToString().Contains("4")).CopyToDataTable()

Please note that the above expression assumes there is one or more rows as result. If there is possibility no rows, it’s necessary to add some logic.



Try to use in filter wizard:

  • Operation “iqual”;
  • Use “or” and not “and”;