How to get 4th line value using regex


iam trying to get this value → “Blister III (MarchesiniMB421)”

using regex iam getting this only

can someone help me

Hello @jai_kumar2 , if you looking to capture the content of each line (or the first of these lines) with : as the first character, you might use


Looking for an end of line (EOL) without capturing it then capture all characters until the next EOL (the dot does not match EOL).

EDIT: As @ppr suggests, you should provide some text samples and more context

we would suggest following:

  • share the text as text / text file with us (so we can use it for prototyping)
  • elebaorate more on the business case like

is there any patterns…

Otherwise splitting the text in in lines we can also do:
YourString.Var.Split({Environment.newLine}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)(3).Trim()

Hi @jai_kumar2

Try out this expression



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