How to generate SP metadata

How to generate the SP metadata ?

After 20.4 to get the metadata file go to <orchestrator_url>/identity/Saml2 . Pay attention that the "Saml2" is case sensitive.

Before 20.4 the url is <orchestrator_url>/saml2 Pay attention that the "saml2" is case sensitive.

If the URL's are not working please follow :

1. download the saml2 certificate and install it on personal and on trusted root certification in machine certificates

2. go to personal folder and open the installed certificate and copy it thumbprint in a notepad++ and from coding select ANSI, to be sure we do not have any special characters left (documentation )

3. copy the thumbprint in the saml configuration in identity domain

4. restart from IIS the orchestrator

5. after the restart, login to orchestrator on host tenant and then go to a new tab and use https://<orchestrator>/identity/Saml2 then the SP metadata will get downloaded