How to generate Luhn Algorithm(AKA Mod10) unique Number every time in UIpath?

for ex - please refer this link. for generating Mod10 number.


First, we can check it using the following expression.

(String.Join("",strDigits.Reverse.Select(Function(c,i) (CInt(c.ToString) << (i mod 2)).ToString)).Sum(Function(c) Cint(c.ToString)) mod 10)=0

Note: It’s assumed strDigits contains only digit characters.

Next, if we want to generate check digit character, the following step will work.

strDigits ="123456789"
master = {New String(){"0","9","8","7","6","5","4","3","2","1"},New String(){"0","9","4","8","3","7","2","6","1","5"}}
modValue = (String.Join("",strDigits.Reverse.Select(Function(c,i) (CInt(c.ToString) << (i mod 2)).ToString)).Sum(Function(c) Cint(c.ToString))) mod 10


master(strDigits.Length mod 2)(modValue)+strDigits



If we want to create unique number with check digit, the following will work.

Main.xaml (7.4 KB)


thanks made small change to generate strictly 10 digits & it is working fine. String.Join("",Enumerable.Range(0,9).Select(Function(i) rnd.Next(0,9).ToString))

Main.xaml (7.5 KB)

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