How to gen automail BY templete

I​ have​ templete​ email.

If​ rpa​ read​ subject​ found​ report, create​ new​ email​ BY​ copy​ templete.
And​ fill​ message​ in​ blank​ BY​ message​ from​ email​ that​ rpa​ found​ read​ subject​ report.

How​ to?

Example templete email.

  1. Read the mail Subject
  2. Using IF Condition ,check whether Subject contains “Report”
  3. If True , Use the Template in the Mail Body and send mail

Use Get Outlook Mail if you are using Outlook , Use respective mail activity
Configure the correct Folder
Loop Mail Messages and check the Subject

Mail1 templete​ mail
Mail2 inbox subject​ contain​s “report”

If​ ​I​ want​ to​ read​ message​ in​ Mail2​ and​ fill​ data​ in​ blank​ Mail1.

Can you give me some advice?