How to gain deep understanding of automation concepts?

UiPath advanced certification expects that a developer should have a deep understanding of the exam topics.

But that understanding comes only from realtime work experience. Many developers doesn’t get a chance to work on some of the concepts like UI automation, selectors, .Net classes and objects, Workflow analyzer, Version control systems, state machines, PDF automation etc., . Even I’m not getting a chance to work on UI automation from many days.

Also there’s a natural human tendency to forget some concepts, if they do not work on it for a few months. Some of the use cases involve UI automation and some doesn’t. Similar scenarios occur with other topics too.

As I don’t get a chance to work on such real life use cases, apart from the recommended training, what else should be done so that I can have a strong and deep knowledge of such advanced concepts?

@NIVED_NAMBIAR @Parth_Doshi @Lahiru.Fernando @Vibhor.Shrivastava . Can anyone give some advice?

I would recommend attending Devcon to hear from peers in the space. RPA Developer Conference - DevCon 2021 | UiPath. You might also consider participating in the HyperHack (See HyperHack - Automation for Good at UiPath Hackathons) to work on an advanced use case with a group.


Thank you. I’ll try participating in them.

Does these hackathons happen regularly?

There have been a few in the past. I cannot speak to the cadence going forward. UiPath Hackathons

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In addition to what @rlove mentioned, I would check out some of the challenges on the forum and look through some of the automations in the Marketplace ( and try to recreate them on your own. You can also do this with the practice exercises in Academy - trying to build them out from nothing and then check it against the result supplied in the Academy courses.

For practice with the Robotic Enterprise Framework, I always find it helpful to practice taking a workflow I previously built and put it into the framework. This will help you see when you need queues and when you don’t and how to adjust the framework to work with different data inputs as well as the dispatcher and performer frameworks.

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