How to FrontOfficeRobot automatically logs in by Task Scheduler?

Hi all, thanks in advance.

I plan to run Front Office Robot in a stand-alone environment.
Since this machine is restarted occasionally, I made the following settings in the Task Scheduler to start the robot at startup.
However, the robot does not run even when it starts up.
Also, login information is registered from “Store Credential”.

1.Is it possible to automatically log in to Windows and activate the robot automatically when starting the PC in the Front Office environment?
2.Is there any other setting required?
3.Can I get details of the failure?

Please tell me if you have any other advice.


1.As per my understanding Automatic login to the windows only achievable by Orchestrator.


Append /monitored to the end of Action details string.

/file “C:\development\git-repositories\UiPath\Training\Training\TomyTask.xaml” /monitored

@flightboy using FO in a standalone environment is a license terms violation. FO can be used and triggered only by an agent that shares the same desktop.