How to format a string in an assign activity for the signature in an email?


I want to format the signature for the email, and some of the words inside it are with Bold, Italic, hyperlink etc. I can format them like this in an Assign Activity?

Or if it is another method to do that, please help me. :smiley:
Thank you in advance!

Hi @CristinaAlina

Check this

@shwin S

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Hello @CristinaAlina

You can this using a HTML editor. In emails sending activity, enable html body so that you can use the html strings inside it as the body.

Use a html editor and get the format done. Now, copy the code with html tags to a notepad file and save it. Now in your workflow, use read text file and read the text file to a string and use it in your email body.

It will work like charm :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah it worked!!! :blush:

Thank you @Lahiru.Fernando :+1:

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