How to fix your Studio installation / Licensing issues

I was helped by this post and solved the issue. :smiley::v:

Thank you @loginerror


Is there any update on this? Still we are facing issues

Vishal Kumar

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I’ve continued with this problems, ecach time I have the error with the activation. I am not able to run sucessufully my process

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I have reinstalled many times but still facing issues in executing the workflow. Please advise

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As @Derek_Yap, i still facing this issue.
Thank you for your help

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I am using a licensed version of UiPath studio. But Iam not able to RUN my developed bot. the studio is getting stuck and freezes, even Message Box activity Iam not able to execute.
When i checked in the Help option, my device Id was showing blank.
Is there any solution for this kind of problems?
Thanks In advance

Hi @shrunga15

This is most likely due to a corrupted installation (probably due to Studio being closed while autoupdating in the background).

Fresh installation should fix your issue. Please install the latest 2019.10.0 Stable release :slight_smile:

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@loginerror Thank you. I will try to do the same:)

hi Sir,
In this Below URL which One I need to Download i.e., “Community Edition” or “Enterprise Edition”, little bit Confused, henceforth Need to be Cleared…

Hi @Partha_Maity

Even though I do not know your particular situation, I would suggest the Community Edition as your default option to use.

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Please check if either:

  • a process for Studio shows up in Task Manager
  • any sort of event is registered in Windows Event Viewer

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hi @loginerror can you please tell me in step 3 where i have to write those commands.
because i try to write them in cmd prompt but its not working.

That’s correct, it should basically work like so:

You might have to run the Command Prompt with admin permissions. Otherwise, please share the error you are getting.

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I logged in to site and downloaded the installable and installed it, but it is still not working. Can you tell why?

From : UiPath

I downloaded UIPath Studio, but installation is not working.

Hi @loginerror

Thank you so much.

My problem (Unable to create a robot project - Throws error - #10 by NayabImran) got resolved.