How to fix web application row index floating issue in Selectors


I am facing challanges in Selectors at ctrl role=‘row’ idx. this gets changed sometime if any extra attachment added.

Below is more details
My expected task is update the text in 2nd remark column.
Scenario 1
Suppose web app having one attachment

Then my selectors will be this (Row idx is 14)

Scenario 2
Suppose web app having two attachments

Then my selectors will be this (Row idx is 15)
<wnd app=‘chrome.exe’ cls=‘Chrome_WidgetWin_1’ title='AppCenter3 FormView - image

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Did we try replacing the dynamic attribute with wildcard symbol

Or better remove the id attribute and include aaname or text attribute of that element

That will Make it stable


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If we try wildcard symbol, it’s highlighted another element which is not related to remark column. And same thing happen If I removed id attribute.
aaname has not been appeared while introggation.
I am trying to get with anchor base but there is also no luck.

Hi @nilesh.mahajan
can u show the uiexplorer part ?

This is uiexplorer part- without attachment


with attachment -

Hi @nilesh.mahajan

Just a suggestion give it a try.

If only 2 attachments will be there

  • Store the two selectors in two variable
  • Take the count of the attachment
    if 2 give your 2nd selector (i.e., idx=15)
    if 1 give your 1st selector (i.e., idx=14)


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Yes, this will be my final solution in plan if no other solution.

Try with anchor base

Where choose the text APPROVED HISTORY as anchor and type into the above the field (remark)

That way it will work

Cheers @nilesh.mahajan

Indeed… I guess you can use rowid which is increasing as no. Of attachment increases.
Initial row of is supposed to be 14