How to fix to click on Excel Maximize button

We are facing challange in Production environment for Attended solution to click on Excel Application Maximize button with Below selectors.
Main challange Solution is executed by 4 users and from that with 2 user’s ID Solution is working fine and for another 2 user’s it is not working.
Can anyone please suggest if there is any setting needs to be done in System or Solution.

Hi @nilesh.mahajan

You can use Maximize Window activity instead of clicking it.

Kah Liang

Hi @nilesh.mahajan

Please use attach window activity and indicate it to excel application.

After that use maximize window activity.

Feel free to reach us at any time if you have doubts. Thanks.

Happy Automation

Is there any posibility to check any screen resolution setting instead of changeing Code?. Because this click activity works fine for some users.

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You can try using Activate window inside Attach Window and send Hotkey to maximize the application WindowsButton+ Upward Arrow