How to fix this issue?

in email subject text file i put the subject as DATA(AP01) and when the robot runs it suppose to read the target email in outlook according to the subject and save the attachment but now when there are emails with subject as DATA and AP01 in the outlook the robot is saving the attachment when it is not supposed to do so as it is not the target according to the email subject text file
AP (9.5 MB)

Hi @Venusha_Sree,

Apologies for not replying to this.
Kindly check with attached workflow

AP Invoice_Windows.7z (236.6 KB)


hi i have tried but still the same result it is still saving the attachment that is not related in the email subject text file and what about the step 2 any changes needed to be made?

Hi @Venusha_Sree

I noticed that you have condition to check if there are any emails with the subject how ever while saving the attachment there is no filter. I recommend to apply for each for the filtered email result instead of looping through all the emails


HI i dont understand can you do correction in the flow that I have attached.
or send a workflow of what you’re trying to say

Hi @Venusha_Sree,

please find the attached flow below
AP (9.5 MB)