How to fix the starting loop of for each row?

Somebody can help me to understand on how to loop this one for each row? My goal is to finish logging in to facebook then I will register to instagram for each row in excel but when I return to facebook again the loop doesn’t start it instead it will jump to the instagram website? I got an error of “is not valid” I just want to finish the data on excel by means of loop.Main.xaml (23.4 KB) project.json (933 Bytes) SAMPLE loop.xaml (19.3 KB)

I’m sorry as I don’t understand how this works thanks. Main.xaml (23.4 KB) Main.xaml (23.4 KB)

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hope this would help you resolve this
Main (2).xaml (22.3 KB)

the flow will be like

  1. a flowchart
  2. read csv
  3. for each row
  4. inside the for each row
    –use open browser and pass the facebook url and use type into activity with row(“columnname”) values
    –close the browser with CLOSE TAB activity instead of CLOSE WINDOW activity
    –then while still being inside the for each row loop next to the above open browser place one more open browser activity where mention the Instagram url and use type into activity to type the data and close it with CLOSE TAB activity

both the open browsers are kept inside the for each row loop so for every iteration of rows it will first open facebook and close it and then open instagram and close it…and again open facebook and continues…

Cheers @Shiatra_Awwan


Sir, thank you I figure it out. love love love

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