How to fix the element exits selector

I am checking the website screen , element exits activity , but selector is not fix.
selector is change in every time, how to fix element exits selector.

Hi Swati Nagar

Try creating a new BOT with the minimum activities needed to use the activity with the problem selector and run the program in debug mode (outlined in orange below). Once you reach the activity, stop the program (outlined in red below).

Examine the selector using the click to open menu options (circled in red below), select Open in Ui explorer (outlined in red below).

When the Open in Ui explorer window opens, take a screenshot and save the screenshot, run the program again, do this 2 to 4 times, paste the screenshots in a document or open them in paint so you can compare them. look for the differences then edit the selector in the Open in Ui explorer window (see example below). The most likely change to work I find is to edit the Title, keeping what is not changing and using asterisks in place of what is ( see below outlined in red) then validate (yellow highlighted box will turn to green highlighted box) when you pick it and save (circled in green below). In the Selector editor (outlined in orange) you will see a list of the selector elements, the selection boxes (outlined in green) will turn on or off that selection element. This could also help stabilize the selector. you will need to validate and each time you make changes and save before running the program to test the selector. The selector elements shown are an example, the elements you see listed will depend on the activity selector being edited.

You can add additional activities that you want to edit and test, just add breakpoints (circled in green below) after each activity then stop the program and follow the instructions above.