How to fix the calendar issue in web portal? I need to select it Dynamically


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Hello @Gokul_Jayakumar ,

Here first thing that needs to clarify is instead of picking the date can you type the date in the Date Input field?

If not you will have to dynamically pass the number to the selector. For example if you want to click on “7” in the screenshot, use a click activity and click on any of the number. Then go to the selector, mostly you will able see idx=“7” or aaname=“7” or some attribute which is pointing to that particular number.

That value you need to replace with a dynamic variable. idx={{Variable}}


For selecting day, you can pass the day value in ‘aaname’ or ‘innertext’ attribute in the selector.
For selecting Month we have to click the right arrow(as it will show the current month always when we click for the first time). So, if you want to select June, click right arrow one time and likewise.
For selecting year, use type into and type the year.

Hope this helps.

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan , @athira.somasekharan Thanks for your Valuable Reply. I fixed date and year dynamically. I had issue on month Selection Dynamically.

In the calendar by default will it show the current month?? How is the selection that you want to do??

Try to choose required date and use typeinto activity and type the same format as you have choosen.

Thank all for your valuable feedback. I found solution myself and its working

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