How to fix robot does not exist?


Hello @Test_Raw

Go to Task Manager Window

Open on the service tab option and Start the UiPath Robot service by right click on the service.

try this and let me know.

Thank You

Hi @Test_Raw,
After checking what @abu.behlim suggested if the issue still persists. You can also get this error when you assign the correct user but are using the wrong domain\username in your attended / unattended license. I had the same error in the morning today while moving from one to another machine. This can be fixed by

  1. Going to Users section in the Tenant level (in Orchestrator)

2. Click Edit user who is going to be the robot

3. Attended robot : Provide the correct Domain\Username (you can get this by going to your command prompt in the robot machine and running whoami). Check attended bot
3.1 Choose the unattended robot or studio license as you wish.

3. If the robot is unattended then : Provide the correct Domain\Username and the windows credentials (it can also be your windows PIN if you have one) so that orchestrator /robot command can log in to the robot machine.

How to Go to Task Manager Window?

start the task manager

To go directly to the task manager and bypass this dialog altogether press the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys together instead. Alternatively you could run a search for it from the task bar or put it into a Run box or you can right click on the task bar and choose task manager from the menu that appears.