How to fix 100 error in Orchestrator

When logging in and while navigating through the orchestrator, keep facing the #100 error message. Moreover, the error keeps occurring occasionally when accessing the jobs or logs.

Issue Description :

Navigating through Orchestrator error # 100 appear in the UI .

In Event Viewer the following error pops-up:

UiPath.Orchestrator.Core.Exceptions.NotFoundException: Error code - 1002, Message - 'Could not find an asset with this name.', Details - '0063_TilgungTag' at async Task<RobotAssetDto>

Resolution :

Check IIS logs and specifically the API call that is made when failing. Correlate the code and substatus code from here .

Navigate to IIS

On the main machine level double click on IP Address and Domain Restrictions

Navigate to Edit Dynamic Restriction Settings

Please remove Deny Ip address based on the number