How to find which check-box is checked in multiple checkbox

Hello, Can anyone please help me…


In the my scenario total 5 checkboxes in that

Case :1 How to find which checkbox is checked

Case : 2 If two or more checked than it is exception

Is there any other way to find it other than Get attribute and Assign

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Sequence.xaml (17.1 KB)
use find children to loop over checkboxes
example website


i had to define 2 dictionaries
checkboxNameMapping and checkboxResultMapping

for checkboxNameMapping i manually populate each index with the checkbox text e.g. 0=>Java, 1=> PHP, 2=>ASP

for checkboxResultMapping i loop over findchildren result and for each index i use get attribute to see whether box is checked e.g. 0=>True, 1=>False, 2=> True

now i know which fields and how many boxes are checked
e.g. checkboxResultMapping(0) is checked then i get the name using checkboxNameMapping(0)

Hey @tkiran

Just try using a combination of Regex Selector with property idx = ‘2’ in the Element Exist activity

If the above returns true then you throw exception else go ahead with next steps.

Hope this helps.


Hi Nithin,
Thank you so much it works fine…

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Cool @tkiran :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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