How to find whether the particular element exists in the multiple sheets of workbook or not

Hi guys…
I have a excel of 4 sheets , I need to check whether the element (Date) exists or not in all the sheets of the excel…
I tried with this logic

But it’s giving the output in the else part for all the sheets
Kindly help me with the logic…


Just try this logic.

  1. Use read range to get details for four sheets into four different data tables.

  2. Get row count for all the data tables and keep it in a variables.

  3. Use lookup datatable to find the specific vale exist or not by inputting the value we are searching for and range from the above row count .

  4. The output of lookup datatable is cell value if you get some cell value means it is present or if it is blank the specific value is not there.

Hope it helps. Idea fro my side. Thanks.