How to find what reply to an emails given?

I want all reply from all emails and want to store for further process.
is there any way to proceed.

This is possible only if you have a fixed pattern for the Subject with a ID in the subject and person replying to the mail doesn’t change the subject. You can refer the mails that we get from customer care of a bank. The subject will have a ticket no or interaction id and advising customer not to change the subject.

The background system (call tracking or customer support system) reads every mail, identifies whether it is a reply (Fw:) or fresh mail, if it is a reply then look for ticket no in the subject and search in the system for the ticket etc… etc…

Thank you @skini76 for ur reply.

But, In our case we don’t have same subject, they do change subjects and add attachments.
if any other solution please help me.

Can you have the ticket id in the body itself with a static format ie <>12345667