How to find values on Json Array



Hello, I have data table on excel and simple Json array, I am trying to fill my “RESULT” column with condition if date on datatable match with date on Json, Write TRUE, if not, write FALSE.

can anyone help? Thanks

Hi @Kevin_Maurice

Try this:
Use Deserialize JSON activity to read the JSON file and the output is JSON Object.(Download UiPath.webAPI.activities dependeny)

For each row in excel:
    if row("DATE") == jsonObject(row("DATE")):
        write cell activity: TRUE
        write cell activity: FALSE

Note: Here jsonObject means output of Deserialize activity.

Hope it helps.

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  1. Are you checking for the key which is at first pevel before description or after description
  2. If before you can use like this…deserialize the json then ISNothing(jobj("Key1")("DatekeyvalfromExcel"))…this will return true if the fdatekeyvalfromexcrl is not present else false


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