How to find userid in uipath apps

Hi all I’m trying to find user id in uipath apps. Instead that we can find only first name and lastname and email address only in uipath apps can anyone help me to find user id in uipath apps

Can you provide a more detailed context? Where you are having this requirement? On which page?

Hi marian
Thankyou for your response. In uipath apps itself we can get first name and lastname, same like can we get userid for the user in uipath apps. For your reference i have attached screenshot.

Hello @Buvaneshwaran_R , Need some clarification.
From which site do you need to extract the useriD?
User ID is the same as the mail id?
if the first name and last name are possible extracts, then the user name is also possible to extract from the specifics websites.

Hi gokul,

Thanks for your response. How to write environment.username condition in uipath apps

@Buvaneshwaran_R , Try this

  1. system.Environment.UserName to get the UserName
  2. system.Environment.UserDomainName to get the domain name.

Where can i write in uipath apps?

Can use message box activity to test it

He is asking about UiPath Apps. You are posting about UiPath Studio.

@Jon_Smith Got it and thanks,
@Buvaneshwaran_R Apologise, Above Mentioned, are for the studio.
I don’t have an idea about apps.