How to find top value in excel?

Hi guys.

I just started my Uipath journey. As for now, I try to do a lot exercise to
strengthen my skills.

As I’m on my excel exercise, I try to find the top value in excel. For example, I try to find top 3 best students in excel and display it to message box or display it to new excel file. But I dont know how to find the top 3. Do I need to use For Each Row activity? I try to refer past query n Youtube but it’s negative.

Can anyone help me to solve this?

Thank you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Why don’t you sort it by desc order and find the top 3…

how to sort and find the top 3? I already assign then I used for each row. but it didnt work.

@Ahmad_Albab if you have a condition like marks<35 then use filter datatable activity. Write your column names in filter data table activity then store it in output datatable and see your output in message box

@aman_sheik I tried but it didnt work. Do i need to use the read range activity first?

@Ahmad_Albab Yes you take read range activity mention the output of datatable in read range and take the activity from “Datatable” Under “Filterdatatable” and mention the datatable name(Read range output) in filter datatable Activity

@Ahmad_Albab Hi If you are still facing issue refer the below xaml file. "Filter Excel data without using Filter Data Table "

Hope this helps!!! (13.9 KB)

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@aman_sheik thank you. let me try first.

@aman_sheik i already try. and i get it. thank you. but the only problem is i cannot sorting it ascending. it’s just by default. i use this to assign activity.

(From row in dtin. Select Order by row(“Salary”) select row).CopyToDatatable()

how to sort it ascending?