How To Find The Xaml Files Of A Project After It Is Published?

How to find the xaml files of a project after it is published?

  • Publishing a project, Studio bundles that to a nupkg package. It contains all the compiled code (DLLs), other files related to that code, and a descriptive manifest that includes information like the package's version number
  • Nuget provides a mechanism through which developers can create, share, and consume useful code by bundling them to packages and using them across projects
  • UiPath is based on .Net and Microsoft supported mechanism for sharing the code is via nuget
  • Try the following to see the Xaml files,
    • Try publishing a sample project from Studio to custom location - may be a folder on the file system.
    • It creates a xxxxxx.nupkg package, where xxxxx is the project name.
    • Change the extension from .nupkg to .zip
    • Extract the contents of Zip.
    • Navigate to lib--->net45 folder.
    • Find your Xaml then.

For more information, refer to this documentation from Microsoft blogpost : What Is Nuget? .