How to find the trigger time in Studio

I have a trigger to run a job every hour. Each time the process is running, I need to find out the trigger time. Do we have any option to find it out?

Let’s say I have created a trigger that starts a process every hour. Due to load the process might take more than an hour which results in the next execution getting delayed. So, I have to send an email to the business at what time the process is triggered.

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Whenever the bot starts…at the start of the bot you can save the time Now.ToString(“MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss”) which will give you the start time and can be used to send the email


Thank you @Anil_G for the response. the solution you have provided is to know the start of execution time but my requirement is knowing the trigger time.

Let’s say the process has triggered at 9:00 AM but due to resource unavailability it started its execution at 10:45 AM so now I want to know the trigger time i.e., 9:00 AM not the execution time i.e., 10:45 AM.

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Manohar Eaga


I dont think anywhere the time of trigger would be stored…because while the bot is in pending state…the time of it is not stored any where…only the execution start time is stored…


Understand but I am checking if someone has any approach to capture trigger time.

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