How to find the row in webpage(If row changes dynamically)

Hi All,

I am facing one issue in which I need to go to the webpage and fill the same details in every row but the catch is row number changed everytime, so my question is how can I find the row number in webpage.


Can you share the URL of the particular website?

Hi @Rahul_Pasupuleti,

I can’t because it is client website and you need my credentials to go that page.



you might follow this approach
Firstly find the number of rows in the datatable (e.g. Datatable.Rows.Count)
and iterate it through number of rows present.


If you are selecting the row in webpage, the selector for the row will be having row attribute, and check for the other row , the row attribute will be changing, so make the row attribute dynamic and use a counter and increase the counter by the amount of times you need to add the row in the website